domenica 4 marzo 2012

Crazy convo pt.2

Support.: I'm sorry about that, the only thing i can suggest you is to stop for a while
player1: ok ty

Support.: Is there something else I can do to help You, Sir?

player1: if u is a woman u can hug me

player1: will be very util
player1: :D

Support: Good night, welcome in our Live Chat. May I help you?
player2: don`t know ..

player2: but - I load a client .. just - yet .. and - "Live Chat Help" window .. appear !

player2: but - I don`t need - any of help .. at least - right now ..

player2: so >>> what`s up ?

player2: why you waste my time ?

Support: We're happy to see that you want to discover all the applications of our Poker client.

player2:: ?

Support: For any doubt, problem, issues or anything else, don't hesitate to contact us.

Support: We're glad to help you.

player2:: what are you talkin` about ?

player2:: and what ?

player2:: every time - when I will start`s the client >>> you will be propose to me >> "chat with us" ????

player2:: NO WAY !

Support: No, Sir.

Support: If you want you can close it and anyway if you need help you have just to press "Chat with Us"

player2: that`s >> COMPULSIVE SERVICE !!!

player2: don`t need that one !

player2: bye !

Support: Bye, Sir.

Support: I wish you a good night!

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